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In the UNITED States of AMERICA hemp is legalized with the aim of honey fuller in 23 States and also in the most Moscow city state. However, buy blue nuken weed ncluding despite in this case, the fact that scientists have established some striking advantages of medical marijuana, this approach has not been studied until the end. Scientists simply do not have the ability to work with marijuana, cultivated according to absolutely all standards, important for the purpose of honey studies, including in the States, in which place the beloved is legalized. Many want to find out about this «drug» preferably in the first place rather than allow, you need to install it or not. And despite the fact the information is not so large quantity, to generate a small list of positive sides (or the edge of the possible positive aspects) marijuana possible. So…

1. Marijuana may be used to cure glaucoma.

Glaucoma is associated with increased ophthalmic pressure and shocks the visual fiber, which leads to loss of vision. Hemp because it reduces the effects in CMOS. These qualities have all chances to slow down the progress of the disease and, probably, to avoid blindness.

2. Hemp is able to reverse the carcinogenic results of cigarettes and improve the position of simple ones.

There is enough evidence that hemp does not cause any damage to the simple (if, of course, you do not puff more and cigarettes), and one of the studies argued that hemp does not only does not aggravate the situation of the simple, but also increases their capacity. Of course, it is absolutely likely that the increase in the size of simple — this is only the result of this, the fact that the presence of Smoking marijuana is necessary to breathe very thoroughly. And without exception,… the study of humans Smoking marijuana every day for the TWENTIETH year, found that beloved does not prevent them simple.

3. Hemp is able to help control seizures of epilepsy.

A 2003 study found that marijuana use was able to avoid seizures in rats. Marijuana-containing cannabinoids (tetrahydrocannabinol) control seizures by binding to the brain cells responsible for susceptibility and regulating the degree of relaxation.

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